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how to move furniture

When moving into and out of a unit, please try to minimize damage to doors openings and floors. Removing drawer in a dresser, cushions on a couch/sofa or breaking down a bedframe can help making moving easier to the mover and aid in mobility when moving the item. A little preparation and planning go a long way.


Here is a link to some information:

Top 10 tips for moving furniture

moving in/out of the unit


When moving furniture on a carpet, wood floor, vinyl flooring, it is best to lift up the piece of furniture, with a friend if needed, to help minimize the damage to the existing floor. It is poor practice to slide any piece of furniture or item on the floors.



sliding furniture scratches & gouges the floor,

lifting is best

Sliding an item can cause scratches in the flooring. Furniture pads, like felt pads can help tremendously with minimizing floor damage on hard surfaced floors. We are a strong proponent of using felt floor pads on our wood and vinyl floored units, such as the ones pictured below. 

moving furniture when living in the unit



Lifting to move verses sliding to move furniture or any other items on the floor will help minimize damage to the flooring. Charges can and will be incurred if or when these thing scenarios happen.


Everyone enjoys a clean and undamaged place.


Hopefully, all this information helps.

We appreciate your assistance.

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