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Common Questions

  1. Can I sign a lease early? Yes, a lease may be signed days, weeks and even months before the lease starts. Monies, such as, security deposit and 1st months rent will need to be paid at signing. 

  2. I would like to move but my lease is not finished, can I move out early?  Stipulations on moving out before the end of the lease are stated in the lease. Tenants must pay monthly until the end of the lease. Another and much easier option is Subleasing. Subleasing is when a person or persons takes over the current lease. We do allow subleases. Potential tenants will need to go through the same application process and must be accepted before subleasing. 

  3. Can I pay online & where? Is there a fee? Yes, you can pay online! There is a link here on our website or you can go directly to our payment system. Rent is free to pay with Electronic Check or when typing checking account information manually onto the payment website. However, there is a fee when paying using a credit or debit card. 

  4. What if rent is late? Late charges are incurred when a payment is late, are possible. A late charge will be incurred on the 5th day of the month and a possible daily late charges is common.

  5. How do deposits work? The deposits are held in case of any damages that might happened. When damages occur, the tenant(s) is responsible for the cost of damages. At the end of the lease any the cost to repair any damages gets taken from the deposit. If damage costs are more than the deposit, the tenant(s) will have to pay the difference. If the unit has no major damage and is cleaned entirely & properly, the costs might be minimal or there will be zero costs where it is possible to receive the entire deposit returned.

  6. Are pets allowed? Depends. Some units do not allow pets and some units do allow small cats and dogs. Just ask about pets when interested in a unit. Some fees will apply. 

  7. Can I hang a TV or other large items? Sorry, we do not allow wall TVs installed, large items installed on the walls or large holes to be placed in the walls. The reasons are simple and for your, and other tenants', safety. Electrical wires, water lines, sewer lines and other items are ran inside walls. If a long nail, bolt, or screw is installed in the incorrect place, a person can become shocked by electricity, cause a leak in a pressurized water pipe, cause a leak in a sewer drain line which can lead to fire and major water damage. Please do not put anything in the wall that is larger in than a push pin as stated in the lease. 

  8. Are parties allowed? Large parties are not allowed, including kegs.

  9. Are outdoor grilles allowed? Outdoor grilles are allow however, they are not allowed on wooden porches, decks, etc due to fire hazard. Please grille over the grass and make sure the grille is out and not hot when done grilling.

  10. What is my heat/air conditioning stop working or appliance? If something is not working and needs repair, please lets us know as soon as possible. We will get to is a soon as we can. Furnaces during winter and refrigerators are a priority. Let us know of the issue by emailing, texting or completing a maintenance form on our site. 

  11. What if I notice a water leak? Let us know as soon as possible about the water leak so we can determine how serious or minor the situation has become. If water is spraying everywhere try to find the nearest valve to turn of the fixture where the leak is coming from. Such as, a faucet or toilet. Faucet  hot and cold valves are under the sink and usually easy to get to. Simply turn the valve clockwise until the valve knobs stops snuggly. If the water does not stop leaking/spraying go to the next valve. Toilet  valves are to the left of the toilet near the floor. 

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MyEIURental is proud to announce our new business name, Panther Properties Charleston. With our new name, you can expect the same quality and modern look of our property rentals to both students & families. Affordable prices. Updated looks and amenities.

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