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hanging items

how to & what to use to hang

We are striving to help our tenants to become better educated about their home, whether it is rent or owning a home.


For this educational home tip, we will discuss how to hang items on the wall and to move furniture. 


We have more helpful home information too! Check it out. 


Hang in there

Large holes require more time to repair, paint and look good. This is why we have size limits to what can be nailed into the wall. No screws are allowed. Push pins are a good guide for the proper size and length of what nails can be installed in to the wall to hang light and medium size pictures and other objects. Nails can have the same and smaller diameter of a push pin along with the length.

hanging nail.jpg

Are hanging TVs, shelves and other items allowed to be hung on the wall? Sadly, no they are not allowed. Hanging TV’s, shelves and other heavy items require long and thick nails and/or screws and possibly bolts to be used to be installed. All these hardware types are long and pass through the drywall/plaster penetrating and unwanted item which can cause unnecessary and serious damage.

What can't I hang on the walls?

hanging tv.jfif

why no long nails or screws?

Installation hardware such as a long nail, after passing through the drywall can penetrate into an electrical wire that can cause shock and damage to a person, the wiring itself and can cause a fire.


Another example is plumbing such as, a water pipe can be penetrated and cause water damage to the wall, the building and even personal belongs. Or even worse a drainage/sewer pipe could be compromised by a nail, bolt or screw where dirty water/sewage can seep out of the pipe causing a place or building smell like a sewer.

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