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Rental Care Tips & Basics


- Toilet: Only toilet paper can be flushed in toilet. Do not flush tampons, flushable sanitary napkins, baby wipes, wetnaps etc. Tenant(s) pays for all costs to repair plumbing damage from neglect. 

- Wintertime:  Keep heat set at 60 degrees during the wintertime when no one is home or if on vacation/holiday, etc.  Pipes will freeze if the thermostat is turned off. Below 20 degrees, leave faucets & shower on a slow drip to keep pipes from freezing. Cost to repair damage from neglect will be charged to tenant(s).

- Due to unknown electrical/plumbing in walls, No long (over .5") screws, nails, bolts or hanging TVs or other items are to be installed/hung on walls, ceilings etc. Leaks, shocks and or fires can happen.

- Wood/Vinyl Floors: Please do not wet mop. Liquid can seep into the wood floor/sub-floor and causes damage. Use a spray bottle and Swiffer-like cleaning item. Basically, spray and wipe the floor. The goal, after using the Swiffer, is to have the moisture evaporate in about a minute. For fresh spills, wipe up as much liquid as you can immediately and have a fan blow on the spot for a few hours to days.

- Ironing? Please do not iron on the floor. Irons melt carpet/plastic flooring and burn wood floors.

- Basement: Please keep humidifier on at all times & set at 65% humidity to minimize moisture down.

Get $100: If someone new signs a lease that was suggested by you, you will get a $100 for a finders fee.

- Food: Poor food habits create unwanted pests. Please throw away unwanted food/garbage outside in the trash often. A clean home helps too! We have pest control come out quarterly, so we do our job to minimize pests. Bedbugs are not covered by pest control and are the tenants' expense to remove.

- We offer free Trash: For Daily Waste Only. Any furniture, mattresses or other large items left outside or left next to the trash bin or dumpster will be charged to the tenant for the disposal cost of $50 per item. 

- Moving Out? Clean. Your time is free. When we clean your mess, we charge. The basic cleaning charge list is in your lease. Examples: $80 for Fridge, $40 for Toilet, $125 Light Fixture. These are minimums. It takes some time to clean. Remember to clean baseboards (they get dusty), sinks, countertops, fridge tops, windows, toilets among other things. We charge for replacing broken blinds however, it is easy to do yourself. We get ours from Home Depot. It is best to remove the bad blind, go to Home Depot, get an exact replacement blind and install using the previous hardware. Call us for any questions. 



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MyEIURental is proud to announce our new business name, Panther Properties Charleston. With our new name, you can expect the same quality and modern look of our property rentals to both students & families. Affordable prices. Updated looks and amenities.

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